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dimolti's Journal

The Site Project
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This community started a while back as a sort of posting board for the website I was running at the time. That site is long since dead, but since LiveJournal never deletes a journal, this community is still here. I've decided to recycle this community and use it as a discussion forum for a new website I'm working on getting started now.

Memebership in this community will be closed, but feel free to email me if you'd be interested in contributing to the new site.

-kl8n, Moderator


As many of us are aware, modern American media is in a bit of a sad state. Journalism has become an industry, and is, sadly, increasingly concerned more with profit margins, advertising revenues, and ratings than the objective presentation of current events. The same is true in other forms of media. Music labels, publishers, and the like are more concerned with making money than supporting the creation of art. We, and our society as a whole, suffer as a result of this. Our standards of entertainment, knowledge, and awareness are sinking lower and lower due to the shortage of quality media available. Instead, we get mass-produced, over-packaged crap masquerading as culture.

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it allows those of us who feel intellectually malnourished to seek each other out and create our own art, our own culture, and our own media. The Internet allows the voices that cannot be heard otherwise to sound out. That is why I started this project: To bring together a community of artists and writers and create a space where intellect, creativity, and soul are celebrated. The idea is to form a sort of artistic collective to create an independent media website. The site should be a compelling, intriguing, and provocative mix of editorials, rants, columns, visual art, entertainment, and news combined into a visually compelling package.