Klayton (kl8n) wrote in dimolti,

All right folks. I'm finally having another spurt of motivation and such.

First order of business. We're creating a website. What are we going to call it? Or what are we going to call our little collective? Comment on this post and give me ideas for site/collective names and why you think they'd be good to use.

Also, I'd like feedback on another subject. It's a two-parter.

1) Think of your top 5 favorite websites. What are they and why are they your favorites?
2) What types of things would you like to see on the website you're involved with. Whether you will be involved in those particular things or not is irrelevant. I want to build a list of things we'd like to accomplish. At this point, it matters not how big or involved an idea it is. I'm building a wish list, things we want. We can decide if it's possible later.
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