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All right folks. I'm finally having another spurt of motivation and such.

First order of business. We're creating a website. What are we going to call it? Or what are we going to call our little collective? Comment on this post and give me ideas for site/collective names and why you think they'd be good to use.

Also, I'd like feedback on another subject. It's a two-parter.

1) Think of your top 5 favorite websites. What are they and why are they your favorites?
2) What types of things would you like to see on the website you're involved with. Whether you will be involved in those particular things or not is irrelevant. I want to build a list of things we'd like to accomplish. At this point, it matters not how big or involved an idea it is. I'm building a wish list, things we want. We can decide if it's possible later.

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Hey there. I suppose we should get started.

But the thing is, I haven't got a thing to get started with yet....

I need to do a little planning and then I'll get back to you.

Until then, discuss amongst yourselves.

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Who remembers that they are a part of this community?
*sweeps away cobwebs*

Ummmm, I still hate the government and want to see someone force important political fugures to eat their own doo-doo in a waffle cone. I also hate thinking about that show Benson. From way back in the day. Wasn't that the shit Emmanuel Lewis was on?

Are we still at war or not? I stopped watching TV except when naughty movies show late at night on Cinemax.
*Does some dishes*

Happy Anniversary

Well, it's been exactly one year since both Islamic terrorists and the American government declared war on the American people. Let's revisit, shall we? This was passed on to me by a friend and I spent about an hour reading over it. This has to be the most detailed list of incidents pointing to the American government's involvement in the attacks of one year ago. May we all live to look back on these times and laugh at not only the folly of our leaders, but our own folly in allowing things like this to happen.


The Cock Dialogues

Penis Puppetry Show Opens in Los Angeles
Fri Aug 23,11:44 AM ET
By Gina Keating

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Some actors use their eyes. Others perform from the heart. In "Puppetry of the Penis," David "Friendy" Friend and Simon Morley rely on an organ not previously known for its acting skills.

Full article


Thu Aug 22,12:01 PM ET
By Ted Rall

Political Prisoners and the Post-9/11 Police State

EXCERPT - For the Bushies, see, guilt and innocence aren't the point. The detainees aren't in prison for what they've done. They're there because of what they might do, for whom they know--for what they think. They are political prisoners.

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Bush Unveils Plan to Fight Wildfires

As always, the logic of the Bush administration is astoundingly profound: If we cut down all the trees, then there won't be any more forest fires.

I'd like to know how much Weyerhauser and other logging companies are putting into GOP coffers. I mean, the idea sounds ok on the surface, but when you think about it.... It's hard not to think someone bought this policy.



CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - Embarking on a three-day Western swing expected to haul in at least $5 million for Republican politicians, President Bush is taking a stand on one of the region's thorniest issues by proposing that more logging in national forests would help prevent devastating wildfires.

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In a free society, one of the most important institutions is that of a free, unhindered press. Any society that champions the ideals of liberty, freedom, and justice must make use of the tools at their disposal to ensure the ongoing flow of ideas amongst its people. The founders of our nation understood this and included the guarantee of freedom of the press in our constitution.

A governmental guarantee of freedom of the press can only go so far, however. As with any other right, a free press must be utilized and maintained by the people in order for that right to continue to be respected. Currently, the majority of American media is in the control of a handful of corporations. Most of the talent and skill available to the American media is in the hands of these behemoth corporations. As a result, our free press has become dominated mainly by concern for profits rather than the exchange of ideas.

Independent media, which often suffers from a lack of interest and funding, tends to have its own set of hindrances and drawbacks. Lack of funding, lack of skill, and faulty execution keep many independent publications from realizing the full potential a free press offers. Many publications publish work that is high on melodramatic ranting, but low on substance. Others have good things to say, but those words get ignored because the presentation takes away from the audience’s perception of their credibility.

What is necessary for any new media outlet today is an ability to bring together the best aspects from both sides. The journalistic integrity and desire to bring truth to light that is more present in independent media needs to be combined with the skillful execution and driven marketing of corporate media. Bringing these aspects together will result in the sort of publication that is seriously lacking in today’s American media.

It is not enough, however, to merely lay out ideals and ideas such as these. In order to build this sort of publication, it is necessary to build a group of talented individuals who share the common goal of creating a publication firmly rooted in journalistic integrity that provides intellectually compelling content presented in a visually compelling design.

It is with that reason in mind that the first task in building "my" new publication is to focus on building a good staff. With my last publication, it was the site that came first, then the staff. My hope was that Dimolti would follow the “If you build it, they will come” idea. I had hoped that if I built a good site, I would be able to find a lot of people willing to join up as contributors later. As it turned out, most people liked the idea of the site, but there weren’t a whole lot of people willing to step beyond being audience members. This time, I’d rather get the staff together and work as a group to develop the entire site, from concept to launch to becoming a full-fledged media outlet. My feeling on this is that if everyone gets involved from the beginning and has a hand in building, that there will be more of a personal attachment to the project for each person involved.

That, and I won’t be so overwhelmed with doing the majority of the work myself.

If you’re interested in helping out with this, please look over the capacities in which I’d like to have people work. If you feel you would like to get in on the ground floor of creating what promises to be something great and you feel that you would make a good fit for any of these positions, please, let me know as soon as possible.



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Who the fuck reads the New Yorker?

I spotted this posted in ishovi's LJ and thought two things to myself:

1) Who the fuck reads the New Yorker?
2) Who the fuck is Leni Riefenstahl?

Not too long ago, at a fin de siècle soiree given by Time magazine, [Leni Riefenstahl] could be spotted happily chatting with Henry Kissinger. Taking in the scene, a writer for The New Yorker could only comment, "There is no God."

So, I got curious, and hopped on Google and found an article and now I'm fascinated.

“They kept asking me over and over again whether I was having a romance with Hitler. ‘Are you Hitler's girlfriend?’ I laughed and answered the same way each time: ‘No, those are false rumours. I only made documentaries for him...’”