Klayton (kl8n) wrote in dimolti,

Who the fuck reads the New Yorker?

I spotted this posted in ishovi's LJ and thought two things to myself:

1) Who the fuck reads the New Yorker?
2) Who the fuck is Leni Riefenstahl?

Not too long ago, at a fin de siècle soiree given by Time magazine, [Leni Riefenstahl] could be spotted happily chatting with Henry Kissinger. Taking in the scene, a writer for The New Yorker could only comment, "There is no God."

So, I got curious, and hopped on Google and found an article and now I'm fascinated.

“They kept asking me over and over again whether I was having a romance with Hitler. ‘Are you Hitler's girlfriend?’ I laughed and answered the same way each time: ‘No, those are false rumours. I only made documentaries for him...’”
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