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"I'm planning a little imaginative sythesis....."

OK, kiddies. I'm feeling creative. It's time to rebuild.

The potential exists to create a website that is candy for your brain, your mind, your taste, your lack thereof, your wit, and your style. Some shit you don't just look at once. To make what has been done before look boring.

I want to start and head up a publication that reflects its hip, witty, and intelligent staff. And I want a nationwide audience.

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I miss my Blackmail Bag =(

Anyway... find someone who can do cool shit with flash. I'm not talking like having annoying animations everywhere and shit... I am thinking just have someone who can make subtle things, enough to get your attention and make you say "dope."

Updating whenever possible and forcing your writers to ake deadlines, or maybe get dropped. Nothing kils a reader base like no updates to wrap people's attentions up with.

Don't let Andre ramble on and on. His shit is hard to read because it is so dry.

Lots of skulls and fire.

Some GOOD porno banner ads.

And perhaps an advice column driven by some smart ass misanthrope that only wishes the deaths of everyone who takes the time to drop him a line.

My 2 cents for now. I dont know anyone who does Flash.
I agree...Blackmail Bag was fun.

And I do graphics, and am willing to learn more...and can write Andy Rooney-ish annoyance pieces.