Klayton (kl8n) wrote in dimolti,

"With these principles as our guide, we set out to create a culture..."

omniphoria and I were talking about this weekend's coming Garlic Festival in northern Snohomish County, WA. (I know there's at least one person not from WA in this community, thus the explanation)....It's a festival put on by the Love Israel Family, a commune dating back to the late 1960s.

I got curious about these people when realizing that I'd heard mention of either them or the Garlic Festival in the past couple of days. So, I went a Googlin' and found this page with a complete history of the commune written by its second-in-command, Serious Israel.

Personally, I think these people sound like complete wackjobs. Nice wackjobs, but wackjobs all the same. But it is an interesting read.

Community as Crucible: The Love Israel Family
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