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Disaster relief

Well, kiddies. For now, we must say goodbye to our dear old dimolti.net.

Alas, poor Dimolti. I knew him well.

I've heard nothing back yet from Yahoo/Geocities. My guess is I shouldn't hold my breath.

My plans are definitely to either rebuild Dimolti or to replace it with something better. But first I'm going to take a bit of a break from the whole damn idea of running a website. I'm sad to see the site go for now, but for a moment, I'm going to take what advantage I can of its demise and have a little break from it. But not for too long.

My plans for the use of this community now is as a discussion forum in regards to what will be built to take its place, whether a Dimolti v2.0 or a completely new venture altogether. In the next few days....or maybe weeks....I'm not sure at this point....I'll post some of my ideas for discussion. I think my first focus will be getting together a strong group of people to get behind the idea. Then we can hammer out the details. Since I have to start over from scratch, I'd like to go less by the seat of my pants.

The next post will be preliminary plans. I also should have an idea of what kind of staff I'd like to recruit. Of course, all folks involved with Dimolti are encouraged to stay on for the new project, either in the same capacity as before or in exciting new as-of-yet-undetermined ways, if you'd prefer.
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