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Khatami says US interests linked with Israel

So, we, the American people, are to believe that the elected President of Iran, who speaks words like this, words which make so much sense when you step away from the propaganda of the Bushreich and the Bush/Sharon/Vajpayee axis, is the popular leader of a member of an "Axis of Evil"?

Kuala Lumpur, July 23, IRNA -- President Seyed Mohammad Khatami said here on Tuesday that the US has tied its interests with those of Israel and this has become more clear today than ever before.

President Khatami told academics and researchers at Malaysia's Institute of Strategic and International Studies that the US capital is Washington from within and Tel Aviv from outside.

Khatami described the coalition for war, adopted by US policy-makers, as a defeated policy. The US remains alone in helping the most brutal government, which is the Zionist regime, added Khatami.
Iran's president said US policies are adopted outside the country.
"How long should the American people pay for the wrong policies of US policy-makers?" asked Khatami.

How long, indeed.

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